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When you hear the word “community,” what images/words come to mind? Yes, the community or neighborhood you live in may pop into your head first. But community is so much more than a place.

I have many different communities. My children go to different schools, and each one of those schools is a different community for our family; a different circle of friends (kids and parents) for each one.

I’m a member of a fabulous writing critique group called Writers in the Rain. (Shout out to Fabio Bueno, Angela Orlowski-Peart, Eileen Riccio, Suma Subramanium, and Brenda Beem.) In our own little writing community, we help to keep each other sane. We meet every week, read and critique each other’s pages, and give helpful suggestions or sometimes, a reality check. We are a family… a community unto ourselves. Who else gets as excited about our characters and plot lines as we do for each other’s stories? I am grateful for my writing community every day.

Even our kids’ after school activities are a community; from my son’s T-Ball team and Taekwondo studio, to the dance studio where both my kids dance, to the youth theatre where both my kids act. All community.

I could list all the communities that enrich my life, but I’d rather hear from you. Think about the communities in your life, and how they add value to it. How do you lean on your communities when you need their support? In turn, how do they lean on you? Isn’t it nice to know how much support we all have?

Tell me about your communities. Maybe it’s a group of college friends, a yoga group, or perhaps an organization in which you volunteer. Which ones have the most impact or are the most meaningful to you? I’d love to hear your stories of community and how they’ve shaped your lives.



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Deep in the heart of the forest, a band of lost souls lurk, hoping to get their ticket out of the woods forever. From behind bushes, underneath bridges, and tucked into the recesses of the trees, they wait. They have all lost one of their senses, and wish to get that sense back… from you.

Last night, my family had the privilege of attending Mercer Island’s Haunted Forest “Senseless.” This spooky show is much different than all the others out there. There are no deranged zombies running after you with chain saws; no blood and gore. What sets this show apart from the rest, is that it is actual theatre. The young actors have helped to create their characters and they do a great job of carrying the story-line all the way through. While I wouldn’t necessarily categorize this show as over-the-top scary, I would say that it is very creepy. There’s lots of interaction between the audience and the cast—that’s what makes it fun. I highly recommend that you go see the show before it ends on October 28th.

This is a great show for families, large groups, small groups, and folks of all ages.
You can get your tickets at:

Show times are as follows:
October 13, 2012–October 28, 2012
Evening tours for ages 8+: October 13, 19, 20 & 27
First tour leaves at 6:30, last tour leaves at 9:20 (tours are approximately 40 minutes long)

Daytime tours for ages 3+:October 21 & 28
First tour leaves at 11:00 am, last tour leaves at 2:20 pm (tours are approximately 30 minutes long)

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