Adventure Vacations for Families

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It’s summer time! Hurray! Choosing a vacation can be a daunting task, especially if you have four or more people in your family disagreeing on destinations. If you are uncertain of where to go on your family trip, my guest, Laura Mandelkorn, (owner of Go Custom Travel) can give you some great ideas. Laura specializes in adventure travel, and she’s come up with a list of 10 fun vacations that even the surliest teenager will love.

I will be posting two at a time all week, so keep coming back every day to read about more exciting destinations. Thank you, Laura!

Go Play Outside!

Top 10 Family Adventures

By Laura Mandelkorn of Go Custom Travel

Like Mom always says, “Get outside and play!”

OK, it’s time to get wet, get dirty, explore, and do a hands-on excursion.

Everyone could use some vacay, and let’s face it—we are all a little too wired these days. Why not get off the grid and try an active, unplugged vacation?  My challenge to you: Leave town without gadgets and screens for a week. Seriously. No Facebook.  No smart phone… I know, “Gasp!”  You’d be amazed at how you forget the small stuff once you escape life’s little distractions, and how refreshing it is to be genuinely together on a journey with your favorite peeps.

Below is a list of family getaway ideas if you are ready to shake up the ol’ routine. Discover exciting places and experience something new. How about spicing it up a bit, and stepping out of your comfort zone to unleash your adventurous side?

Every kid wants big action.  No, this does not need to be death-defying.  Nothing beats the feeling of fresh air, a solid workout and the exhilaration of a challenge.  Adventure travel is definitely a bonding experience. Tackle the unknown and unexpected, work together, and take in all Mother Nature has to offer.  Relive the fun at dinner, savoring local cuisine and discussing the day’s epic adventures.  Or just flop out around the campfire, soak in the stars and be proud of what you have accomplished.  This is the stuff memories are made of…

1.Giddy-up at a Dude Ranch

Location: Northern Wyoming

Accommodations: Authentic western cabins, some over 100 years old

Activities: Riding, swimming, water slide, hiking, fishing, softball, dancing

It’s the quintessential place to relax and discover the freedom of the Old West. Ride off trail across open meadows, past red rock canyons, through crystal-clear creeks or on winding mountain trails. Enjoy private lessons, gorgeous vistas and infinite stretches of sky. Explore a spooky cave on an all day ride. Besides riding, there’s plenty of good ol’ fashioned fun: Fly fish, hike, play softball, bingo, swim, dance or plunk in a rocker on the porch and do nothing but listen to the crickets. When the dinner bell calls, dig into hearty home-cooked meals and retreat to your own rustic cabin. Tucked away in the Big Horn Mountains, our favorite ranch is grand: 7,000 acres manned by genuine cowboys tending to over 200 horses.

Cost: Adults $190-$245 per person per day, kids $140- $185

(depending on cabin category & date)

3 night minimum stay, 1 week suggested

1 week stay for a family of four in peak season typically about $5880

Option: Take a few extra days to explore nearby Yellowstone National Park.

2. Spot Orca Whales from a Kayak

Location: San Juan Islands, WA

Accommodations: Tent camping on a boat-in-only island

Be mighty and paddle in prime orca whale and bald eagle habitat.  Look for porpoises, seals, otters and herons.  Drift by an abandoned lighthouse and absorb the views of the Olympic Mountains in the sunny San Juan Islands of thePacific Northwest.  Camp on a pretty, little island only accessible by boat, and dine on fresh, organic fare. Guides specialize in Dutch oven campfire cuisine…YUM!

Cost: 2 nights/3 days: $579 per person.

Pre-excursion hotel is extra, or go camping, or even “Glamping” available (glamour camping).

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  1. Thanks, Martina and Laura, for the tips! I’m intrigued by the kayak trip.

    • Glad the kayaking trip sparks your interest. There are routes in varying degrees of difficulty, some with whales, others without, depending on your preference. Trip lengths vary from 1/2 day- 4 day and custom excursions are available. I’ve taken this trip and we were lucky to see a pod of 25+ whales chasing salmon. A mama and baby came within 20 yards of our boat… Awesome!

  2. Thanks, Fabio! Laura had a hard time limiting her list to just ten vacations. 🙂 You may find something even more intriguing than the kayak trip. I’ll be posting two vacation ideas every day this week.

  3. Nice information. Thanks for the links Martina. Summer is here officially and its great to look up some cool places to visit.

  4. Interesting Martina,

    I’l have to borrow some kids.

  5. HI Brenda- Laura here. All of these trips may be taken with or without kids. Some trips feature family travel dates in particular and other dates where fewer kids will be along. Your choice. Happy pondering!

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