Books for Kids who Like to be Scared

In Books on January 22, 2012 at 10:16 am

For some reason, my six year old son loves scary stories. The other day, against my better judgment, he watched a marathon of the Ghost Adventures show. You know the one… several insane guys lock themselves up in reportedly haunted houses or buildings and record what happens to them? The stars of the show are nearly peeing their pants with fright as dark entities are scratching them or whatever, and my son isn’t the tiniest bit scared. I don’t know how he became so brave, but I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

When I was a teen, I read every Stephen King novel I could get my hands on. But, heck, I was a teenager! My son is only six for cripes sake. However, it is my belief that if your child shows a special interest in something, you let them follow their interests.

That brings me to the topic of scary books for younger children. I wouldn’t hand my son a Stephen King novel and say, “Have at it!” The content is way too adult for the average elementary school child. However, I have managed to find some great alternatives for the younger crowd. If you have an elementary-aged child who loves to be scared, you might consider these options:

The Goosebumps Series by R. L. Stine – These are fun and really quite good! We have found a great selection of these in audio book format and listen to them in the car. R. L. Stine has written hundreds of books, so if your child is into these stories, this should keep him/her busy for quite a while.

Haunted Kids: True Ghost Stories by Allan Zullo – This is another one we have as an audio book. It’s narrated by John Ratzenberger. The kids recognize his voice from all the Pixar movies. (And I immediately think of Cliff in the TV series, Cheers.) This is a collection of eleven creepy stories inspired by real-life cases.

Magic Tree House Fact Tracker #20: Ghosts: A Non-fiction Companion to Magic Tree House #42 by Mary Pope Osborne – I believe this book was the catalyst in my son’s fascination with ghosts. He read this book at school and was soon obsessed with the topic, even drawing his classmates into the fun.

I’m sure there are more options to choose from. Do you have any suggestions? Post them!


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