Haunted Forest: Quarantine

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Haunted Forest: Quarantine

There is a Quarantine going on in your neck of the woods… if you live in the Seattle area, that is. You maybe interested to know that deep in the forest at Island Crest Park on Mercer Island, there are lost souls trapped within its dark confines and they’ll do anything to find a way out.

The tour lasts about 35 minutes. Using salt to sprinkle on the path, your guide will try to keep you safe from the spirits that haunt the wood. Beware of the suspension bridge and what lurks underneath it. I hope you get out alive.

You can buy your tickets here:

This tour made me think about my childhood. I grew up in Sitka, Alaska. Right across the street, in the dark forest, there was a Russian graveyard. The Russians occupied Sitka during the 1800s and their dead are buried there. Some of the gravestones have long since toppled over and are so blackened with age, they are difficult to read. Sometimes, if I was in danger of coming home late, I would take the shortcut from town through the graveyard. Only once did I walk through when it was nearly dark and I vowed never to do it again. I still remember the cold pricklies on the back of my neck. Every shadow seemed to be reaching out to grab me. 

But maybe I’ll have to go back to Island Crest Park tomorrow to face my fears… Maybe I’ll see you there.

  1. Gosh this is so scary, Martina. Tell us about it when we meet next!

    • Thanks for the comment, Suma! It’s a creepy experience, walking through the woods in the dark. These poor lost souls approach you, some coming out of the bushes, and asking you for help. However, there is no one chasing you with a chainsaw or anything like that, so it’s not as scary as some of the the other Halloween tours. 🙂

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